Unpolished Glass
Tin[Antimony] Oxide one surface
This is our only form of ATO-coated glass. It is coated on one surface of 3.2mm thick unpolished glass, at a nominal sheet resistance of Rs ~ 100 Ω/sq.
The coating has been applied via a pyrolytic process, and is amorphous. The coating is very difficult to etch as a result of its morphology, however, use of strongly reducing conditions can successfully remove it. If you wish to pattern or remove this product, please give us a call or email for details.
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Part NumberResistanceDimensions
Quantity, UnitsPrice per unit (US$)Amount
CG-10SN-151550-100 ohms150x150x3.2mm1$45.00$45.00
CG-10SN-S13050-100 ohms25x75x3.2mm10$7.75$77.50
CG-10SN-S23050-100 ohms50x75x3.2mm10$9.00$90.00