ITO coated plates for MALDI/IMS Mass Spectroscopy  
As described by Pierre Chaurand et al. in Analytical Chemistry 2004, 76 (4), pp 11451155, Integrating Histology and Imaging Mass Spectrometry.  
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ITO coated plates for MALDI/IMS Mass Spectroscopy
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These parts are designed for the Applied Biosystems Inc. (Framingham, MA) disposable MALDI plate holder. The dimensions of the glass target and ITO coating thickness give a surface resistance of ~ 70 to 100 Ω/sq.
The thin ITO film permits ~85% visible light (500 < l < 900 nm) transmission through the slide, allowing clear microscopic tissue section examination.

Plates for other plate holders can be readily provided. Please contact us for pricing.

Part NumberResistanceDimensions
Quantity, UnitsPrice per unit (US$)Amount
CG-90IN-308170-100 ohms45x45x1.1mm100$3.75$375.00