DuPont Microcircuit Materials Product 5504N  
DuPont 5504N is a single-component, high-viscosity, single component anhydride epoxy composition which is suitable for use as a conductive cement to apply bus bars, create circuit patterns, and for electrical lead attachment to transparent, conductive coatings on glass and other materials. 5504N may be thinned with butyl cellosolve acetate for spray application, or used directly for brush, stylus or screen print application. 5504N must be air dried to a tack-free state, then cured for 2 hours at 175 degrees C or 40 minutes at 200 degrees C. Once cured, 5504N will exhibit a volume resistance on the order of 30 microohm-centimeter, and excellent stability up to 250 degrees C.  
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Part NumberResistanceDetailsQuantity, UnitsPrice per unit (US$)Amount
DuPont 5504N-050uohm-cmSilver Composition, Thermoset, 50g1$283.50$283.50
DuPont 5504N-100uohm-cmSilver Composition, Thermoset, 2 x 50g1$493.50$493.50
DuPont 5504N-250uohm-cmSilver Composition, Thermoset, 5 x 50g1$1,102.50$1,102.50